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Student Reviews

NJ Guitar Repair School Reviews

Reviews From Our Students and Customers Of The Eastern School of Fretted Instrument Repair

  • Eric, Kyle and the crew are awesome guys and run a amazing school. Since my graduation I now operate a large and rapidly growing repair shop. I have worked with some big names in the metal industry, I am the offical tech for two studios, three bands, and the local favorite tech. I am currently a silver certified guitar tech by Taylor Guitars. I work a average of three to four full days working shows as a one off tech or shop work and I have only been graduated since January. The school helps refine your knowledge or teach you everything from the ground up. Do not be a generic average tech, go to eastern school and be the best, or at least try to be the best!!! Carl-David Hardin "Class of 2014".
  • The instructor Eric was great, he was knowledgeable in all aspects of guitar repair and was always willing to share that knowledge. He was hands on with the class and was always willing to go to great lengths to make sure everyone was at the level of knowledge and skill they should be at by graduation. I was even able to get a job at Guitar Center as a repair tech not even a month after i had graduated.
    Even after graduation if you run across anything that you hit a roadblock on Eric will still be there to help you.
    Andrew Burger "Class of 2018"
  • The school is very accommodating and assisted with finding housing. I had a job 2 months before school ended. Very experienced instructors with a caring attitude. The school is veteran friendly. When you finish school they dont just kick you out. They will assist you down the road and have an alumni site. I would definitely attend another class of instruction if given the opportunity. Thank you guys! Jeff Decker "Class of 2018"
  • I was anxious about being away from the city but Eric and Kyle both made me feel at home. The Eastern School of Fretted instruments patiently guided me through instrument repair and customer service. Since my graduation both Eric and Kyle assisted in finding multiple repair technician job opportunities for me. You’ll learn how to preform top notch set ups and repairs in a timed pace under pressure. Those guys really take you under their wing and guide you through every single step of becoming an amazing luthier. Athene Leung "Class of 2018"
  • This school is one of the premier teaching facilities in the U.S.. Having attended the school 3 years ago I've since opened my own business and never regretted investing the time it took to learn the skills needed to repair stringed instruments the proper way. This facility will take you step by step through each skill set and won't let you move on till they are satisfied that you are capable of doing the work on your own. Very knowledgable instructors who do repairs on a daily basis themselves.They are also one of the most qualified repair facilities on the east coast. Robert Longo "Class of 2015"
  • Pay no attention to the one star review. Seems to me like that’s the kind of student that looks for the easy way out without really trying. Yes, some of the tools needed for this job can be pricey. Yes, cheaper “alternatives” can be found elsewhere. Yet, the old saying of you get what you pay for is all to true in this field. You want good long lasting tools that won’t poop the bed a few months in? You have to be willing to commit to buying proper tools. This is a real career path and not some fly by night summer job. Anyone can take to the internet to find ways to get things done, it takes a real professional to do all those things and hold that knowledge to make a living.
    All that being said, as an alumni of this school, I will say this with confidence. This school is a great way to learn and get started and they will help you find work after graduation. However, this is career move that is not for everyone. There is meticulous work to be done here. Puzzle solving by chasing a faulty ground done by “a friend” who installed your pickups and that thought they knew what they were doing. A buzzing fret that won’t shut up. Floyd Rose bridges! And many more. Now some instruments will have you yelling at gods of rock, rhythm and blues to no ends. But if you really give it your all and want to succeed, then this is a great place to start upon the path to become an artisan in a field that is truly unique and vastly rewarding!
    Justin Morchavich "Class of 2013".
  • I retired from the military and thought I would give instrument repair a try for my next career. After attending a guitar building crs in GA, I found the Eastern School for Repair right in my backyard. The best thing about it was my G.I.Bill paid all $12k for my tuition, supplies and tools. The instruction was given in a step-by-step military fashion. This made for a positive learning environment. The instructors were meticulous, detailed oriented and were always available to answer any questions I had. Believe me there were many. After graduation, I interned with Raritan Bay Guitar Repair and continued on to Guitar Center in PA. I am very grateful for the time that Kyle, Eric Collier spent with me. Definitely paid off across the board. Thanks. Eric Sisterhen "Class of 2013"  

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The Eastern School of Fretted Instrument Repair is proud to provide a complete and thorough education in both basic & intermediate guitar and bass repair for our students. Our NJ Guitar Repair School Reviews are testaments to the fact that, by providing our students with an in-depth knowledge of the lutherie trade, we are giving our graduates the practical, hands-on knowledge needed to gain employment as a guitar repair technician (guitar tech) or, if they’re ambitious enough, to open their own guitar repair business. We hope that our NJ Guitar Repair School Reviews will reflect that we are succeeding in our mission.

The Eastern School of Fretted Instrument Repair is located in the heart of New Jersey on Route 9 South in Freehold, NJ, centrally located and easily accessible from all points in New Jersey and the major metro locations of both Philadelphia and New York City. The facility provides five feet of work bench space and plenty of electrical outlets for each of the eight students in our well-lit workshop. It is located on the route for NJ Transit buses, with parking is readily available and free of charge.