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NJ Guitar Repair School Housing Information

Once enrolled in the repair course, we will be glad to make ourselves available to discuss housing options for the given semester. We can provide details of the local area and rental information if needed. The school has no on-campus housing.

We’re Here To Help!

Our staff will help coordinate the entire transition process from your initial contact with the school through graduation. We have been fortunate enough to have run several previously successful semesters using established landlord/property owners. Recent students staying in these facilities have had their own private rooms equipped with Wi-Fi, a shared bathroom with other students if both rooms are taken, full access to a kitchen, cooking, and laundry amenities.

Additional NJ Guitar Repair School Housing Information

Average rental rates will vary between locations and personal eligibility. Average shared room rental rates will run between $400 – $600 per month, an average studio apartment rental runs about $600-$1000               month, and any rental with 1+ bedroom will be $1000+.