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Guitar Repair School Alumni | The Eastern School of Fretted Instrument Repair

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Alumni of the Eastern School of Fretted Instrument Repair
  • Ben Cotta
  • Ricahrd Algarin
  • David Allen
  • Isaac Becker
  • Zachary Caravano
  • Jack Clemons
  • Kyle Howey
  • Alexander Adle
  • Robert Dietz
  • Adam Clifton
  • John Durkin
  • Edmund Jacobs
  • Michael McGuire
  • Ronald Baran
  • Andrea Bruguier
  • Desmond Bruguier
  • Arthur Moore
  • Patrick Ugolini
  • Benjamin Werst
  • Allen Dubinsky
  • Colin Pascik
  • Charles Sztyk
  • Ryan Toth
  • Ryan Chiarella
  • Maxim Dore’
  • Joseph Lemma
  • Robert Nastus
  • Daniel Scanlon
  • Samuel Spinnazzola
  • Stephen Collins
  • Jonathan Kleinhans
  • Alan Orth
  • Jacob Crum
  • Daniel Koncelik
  • Robert Garland
  • Robert O’Hea
  • Justin Morkavich
  • Eric Sisterhen
  • Christopher Szczbienski
  • Daniel Lovgren
  • Jake DiMeo
  • Benjamin Reinhardt
  • Jason Tambor
  • Jeff Decker
  • Kyle Vanhuesen
  • Cory Muller
  • Frank Coram
  • Josh Baumlin
  • Kevin Surfass
  • Corey DeBenigno
  • Athene Leung

Our Guitar Repair School Alumni will tell you, many guitar repair schools promise to teach students how to build & repair guitars. More often than not, what actually happens is the student spends the majority of the course building one, two or three personal pieces, gaining some basic construction techniques along the way, and may spend 3 to 4 weeks on “repairs” at the end of the course. By not focusing on each individual aspect of the guitar tech trade in the proper context, the student will leave these programs without a thorough grasp on the guitar repair trade as a whole. This is not guitar tech training!

We believe that you, the student, can be taught to repair guitars and basses at a level that will allow you to not only survive, but to thrive and prosper in the fast paced and competitive world of musical instrument sales and service.